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Nothing could possibly be amiss anymore with Dynamic Industries filling the void of colourlessness since 1989.................

Imagine a sooty black sky, a milky white earth with black seas flowing and making pearl white foam against dead black rocks. White lands covered with dense black vegetation and black colossal mountains. Trees clas with white leaves marked with sharp black veins...
Is the stark contrast squeezing away the life from the picture that you imagine? Then what is missing? COLOURS? Colours that add life to any framel colours that give and identity to things.

Nothing could possibly be amiss anymore with Dynamic Industries filling the void of colourlessness since 1989. We paint your world with splashes of hues. We supply shades to complement your personality. Leading the market with manufacturing of Dyes and Intermediates, we constantly extend colour to your world through our products. Some believe in retaining the authenticity of the products of nature. We extend perfection. A tinge of colour lends style to originality. It can glamorize the primitive and thus can make useable a style statement.

We splash colour in the world around you. Situated at Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), Vatva, Ahmedabad, India, the product palette of Dynamic Industries primarily includes acid, direct and reactive dyes, which, by them, are a benchmark in quality. It is the unsurpassable technology adopted at the laboratory, outstanding infrastructure and the best of the personnel for monitors, which enable an optimum production in terms of quality as well as magnitude of Dynamic Industries. We gracefully accept our responsibility towards Nature, for the same we have installed Pollution Control Equipments at our premises.

Owing to our assertion for the highest quality parameters our present clientele includes countries in South America, North America, Europe, South and East Asia and with the strength of commitment and service, we aspire to colour the globe continually.
THE BEGINNING: IN 1989 we started as a private limited company with the staff of 10 people headed by Dipak Choksi and Harin Mamalatdarna and a production capacity of 120 metric tons per year of reactive dyes. The year 1991 saw the start of non benzydene direct dyes and the export of our products.

THE GROWTH: we kept expanding ever since as an organisation and in terms of production capacity. We introduced the spectrometer in 1993 and in 1994 we started manufacturing acid dyes, 1-1 and 1-2 metal complex dyes. We became a Public limited company in 1995 with equity of Rs 3 Crore. We opened a new production facility in 1999 and have kept progressing ever since.

THE MISSION: To provide the most cost effective Dyestuffs and its by-products by the combinations of the special expertise in the field and sharp entrepreneurial instincts contained within the organisation having low over heads.

THE VISION: To become the pioneers in synthetic organic dyes and setting benchmarks on the continuous path of success and to realise cost effectiveness along with client satisfaction. Our belief is that happy customers are loyal customers.

THE DESTINATION: To reach excellence, with our expertise, in each and every sector of our business which would convert client’s perceived value in to the value delivered to the customers.

THE CURRENT STANDING: We are one of the biggest textile dye stuff exporters in India dedicated to producing quality dye stuffs and chemicals and is serving the chemical industry world since last two decades. We are also have the best environmentally managed facility in the country.

We strive to achieve the highest quality standards and to ensure that we use proper technology & trained staff to develop better products and have appropriate documentation and service capabilities competent with global standards as relevant to the products.
We are also committed to comply with requirement of ISOQAR –ISO 9001 standards and UKAS Quality Management standards in order to maintain their certifications. We also continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System for the benefit of our customers & ease of our own work.


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